Kicking My Heels

In Frank Oz’s dark and twisted sequel to The Wizard of Oz, Dorthy finds herself once again stranded in Oz with an entourage of misfits. At the films end she must save her friends from the Gnome King. Her task: to walk a giant hall filled with antiques and guess which objects are in fact her transformed friends.

The scene evokes the idea that every object is a person, with a history, a personality and a past. Discarded objects are personified as lost souls, brave little toasters that want nothing more than to be owned by someone.

‘Fine Things’ Antique shop on Somerset was the perfect spot to film Jon Laurie-Beaumont’s ‘Kicking my Heels’, a song inspired by the plight of Dorthy and our universal need to belong.

Directed, Shot & Edited by Craig Allen Conoley
Partus Films (2012)