Jon Laurie-Beaumont is a fresh face sprouting from the Canadian roots scene. Pulling from a rich history of folk, country and rhythm & blues, Jon weaves heartfelt melodies and honest lyrics into uniquely powerful songs.

Boredom abounds when growing up in a small town in Ontario and as a result Jon lost himself in music. The melodies, beats and stories that poured out of the speakers lit a fire in him almost immediately. After spending years singing along to records he eventually picked up a guitar and started crafting his own melodies. Jon moved to Ottawa, Ontario to attend university and was quickly accepted into the city’s active folk scene. The support Jon received in Ottawa has seen him play everything from small intimate coffee shops to large outdoor stages. In 2013 Jon stretched his legs and began to explore new cities in a constant search for inspiration and collaboration. Having recently set up a second home in Toronto, Ontario there is no telling just where his journey will take him. But this story isn’t really about the destination now is it?